Every story begs for a firm beginning. And we would love to say that this one began in 2015 at a small studio in the centre of Larnaca. But we can’t. Because it all started way back.

A child playing with scrubs of fabrics, hand-sawing clothes for dolls, watching fascinatedly the skilled grandmother’s hands passing garments through a sewing machine.

A teenager knowing with certainty what her profession will be.

A young woman traveling to the UK to study her art – in universities, in career-development courses, in the studio of a London-based fashion designer. Showcasing in galleries, runways. Experiencing the backstage fever of the London Fashion Week.

And then the return to the homeland. And the establishment of the brand.

Ever since 2015, SOPHIAK produces two full collections per year, and delivers sought-after made-to-measure creations.

The brand’s philosophy revolves around the contemporary individual. It exudes comfort and power. Convenience and style. Garments that are easy to wear, but stand out when worn. Fabrics that are soft and stretchy, but turn into geometrical creations discreetly hinting at the avant-garde. Layering and drapes that do not stray away from the aesthetic of minimalism.

SOPHIAK clothes speak to the ones who want to be stylish day and night. They are created to embrace and empower.  

Sophisticated simplicity, geometrical minimalism, playful layering. A play between art and fashion, fantasy and reality.

Power and mystery.

That’s what it’s all about.